Team Lemonade

Job overview

Preparing the products and serving the customers….This is a lot like being a bartender.  You would be cutting fruits, preparing the drinks, serving customers, using a very simple system that we have developed over the years.

Setting up and tearing down….This is a more physical job with some heavy lifting and involves arriving before and after each event to unload or load the equipment for transportation.

Team leader…. For experienced team member this position involves opening and closing the kiosks, restocking, balancing the cash at the end of every night and providing guidance for team members.

A Typical Shift
Set up the event (2 hours)

Hours of operation
Friday 5pm to 11pm (6 hours)
Saturday 11am to 11pm (12 hours)
Sunday 11am to 6pm (7 hours)

Tear down the event (2 hours)

Total hrs (29 hours)

Wages begin at $12 per hour + Tips and a .50 Cent raise every season.

Our team member gain experience that employers are looking for.

You will receive training

Travel the GTA,

Work with cash,

Serve the public,

Work in a team and independently

Put in lots of hours

Learn about a small businesses and business systems

Learn about the Ontario health procedures and gain tones of job experience in the field.

We will provide references.

Job Criteria

Some events involve driving out of town with a team for the weekend.  Your travel arrangements will be made for you and expenses covered.

Navigate the GTA to arrive at each event on time.   16 + years old.

Work outside in the beautiful sunshine or in the pouring rain.

We are looking for smiles!!! Big smiles, good people skills, Works well with the other team members and has a positive attitude.

We provide uniforms for a $20 deposit, refunded when it’s returned.

Caution to anyone with allergies to any citric fruits.